WITS FOODS is a Singapore owned company with factories in China and headquarters in Singapore.

In 2003, WITS FOODS established our first factory in Anhui, China to supply Air-Dehydrated (AD) vegetables such as cabbage, carrots and spring onion.

Since 2010, WITS Foods has undergone a major transition to focus on the AD spice trade. Today, our core business comprises of bell pepper and paprika, and our 50,000 MT (fresh material) dehydration capacity produces about 2,500 MT of dehydrated products annually.

Recognising the importance of having full control of the entire supply chain, WITS FOODS set up its second factory in 2012. The new facility set in Xinjiang also has 4,000,000 m² of contracted farmland, therefore providing us with our own steady supply of Farm-to-Fork capable products.



Product quality management begins at the growing stage, including the seeds used and the fertilisers applied in the field. Harvesting and drying of the vegetables is done under the close supervision of our staff. By controlling every aspect of manufacturing from farm to fork, our goal is to produce the highest quality products for our customers.

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